GBP completes research project for leading UK adhesive brand.

GBP was recently commissioned to undertake a telephone survey in to buyer attitudes on packaging in the flooring adhesives market. While most UK manufacturers sell in litres, continental suppliers tend to use kilogrammes as the unit of measurement. Due to the density of adhesive there may be considerably less material in a pack designated in kilogrammes and this reflects directly on value for money. Among other findings our research showed that the majority of buyers were unaware of this difference and the impact this can have on value.

GBP launches on-line survey software

GBP has been conducting on-line surveys for a number of years and has now launched a software package to allow clients to set up and run their own on-line surveys. The package is highly flexible, cost effective, can be branded with the clients identity and includes a full data analysis package.

One early purchaser is a membership organisation that is using the package extensively to conduct member surveys on a wide range of special interest topics as a guide to the development of future policy while commercial customers are using the software to get customer feedback on issues they would normally be unable to afford to research.

GBP help engineering company understand customer attitudes

GBP has completed a major survey to help an engineering firm probe customer satisfaction levels with their own products and services compared to their major competitors.

The research tackled issues such as:

  1. Client and competitor brand awareness
  2. Comparative shares of customer business
  3. Key purchase decision factors
  4. Comparative levels of satisfaction based on experience of dealing with the client and its competitors (company & products)
  5. Identification of market leading products
  6. Customer comparative assessment of sales contact/process
  7. Importance of alternative customer sources of product information
  8. Assessment of customer use of internet and quality of industry web sites

Whole Vehicle Type Approval

GBP has completed a project examining how major truck manufacturers intend to implement the new whole vehicle type approval legislation in respect of body builders.