Our surveys are always custom-designed to meet the specific project objectives.

The techniques upon which our research is based include :-


Although the majority of fieldwork is undertaken by our own staff, for larger interview based projects we work with a national fieldwork company all of whom are fully trained and work to professional industry standards. From this resource we select interviewers with particular strengths in the research techniques in question. They are controlled by a Field Manager and a team of supervisors, covering the UK and Ireland.

International projects

We work regularly with Senior Associate Consultants to supplement our specialist skills when appropriate. We also have international associates in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy, France, Scandinavia, the Far East, USA, Australia and New Zealand to allow us to cost effectively deliver international projects. All international work is carefully monitored, supervised, analysed and quality controlled from our UK offices.

Associates are carefully selected and become partners in the GBP approach; they operate similar research infrastructures, with similar Company cultures and most importantly similar quality standards. We ensure that multi country studies generate comparable results by creating one research model. This takes into account the development of a uniform questionnaire and the development of common templates for consistency of approach in more qualitative studies.


GBP is privately owned and privately financed. This has allowed us to invest substantially in computerised design, presentation and data processing equipment. In-house data analysis facilities mean that we can maintain tight control over the quality of coding of data, and ensure total client confidentiality for analysis of all client data while our administration and job control systems meet the highest standards in the industry.

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